Our House Brownfield Site

FTN conducted a Comprehensive Site Assessment (CSA) of two parcels of property located southeast of downtown Little Rock. The property was formerly part of the Veterans Administration Hospital complex and contained a boiler house/shop building, a smoke stack, and laundry facility. The parcels are for Our House, Inc., to expand its education programs for homeless and low‑income children and adults. Project tasks and milestones were as follows:

  • FTN partnered with the Center for Toxicology and Health to complete the CSA, which included conducting a field investigation to determine the nature and extent of soil contamination and preparing a comprehensive report describing the site, its history, environmental setting, and results of the human health risk assessment.
  • The CSA included sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater.
  • The CSA also included an asbestos survey and a lead-based paint survey. Asbestos-containing materials were identified throughout the project building. Additionally, all painted surfaces in the project building yielded detectable levels of lead.
  • Our House received funding from the Pulaski County Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund for the remediation of the site. FTN subsequently partnered with The Land Recycling Company to oversee the remediation project.