Lake Conway Comprehensive Evaluation

The Arkansas Game & Fish Commission contracted FTN to conduct a multi-year, comprehensive evaluation of water quality, sedimentation, and hydraulics/hydrology of 6,700-acre Lake Conway.

Some of the components of the evaluation were:

  • Assisted with obtaining matching funds to support the project and qualify for sport fishery federal funding;
  • Compiled and analyzed historical data;
  • Designed routine and storm event monitoring program and sediment assessment and monitoring program;
  • Gauged inflowing streams, developed ratings, and procured and installed instrumentation for continuous flows;
  • Utilized Doppler and manual inflow monitoring for rating curve development;
  • Completed all sampling/flow monitoring and performed database management;
  • Coordinated detailed lake bathymetry for sedimentation baseline and evaluation;
  • Measured sediment depths, collected sediment cores and calculated sedimentation rates/lake life predictions using the depth and water quality data collected;
  • Provided recommendations for sediment management approach;
  • Calculated annual loads for water quality parameters and sediment (including nutrients);
  • Performed detailed hydrologic/hydraulic modeling to update AGFC water levels management plan;
  • Identified sources and developed watershed management preliminary recommendations.