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Solid Waste

For nearly two decades, FTN has assisted solid waste managers at industries and publicly or privately-owned landfills with their regulatory compliance needs. Our firm possesses the interdisciplinary talent to provide solid waste management services ranging from initial site investigations to the final design of landfill systems to satisfy state and federal regulatory requirements. Some of our clients have utilized FTN’s solid waste services for as long as our company has provided them. We understand the special challenges that landfill owners and operators face, and we know how to solve those problems efficiently.


Planning and Feasibility Investigations
There are several important considerations that must be researched to determine the best places to construct a landfill or a transfer station, and FTN has vast experience with such investigations. In addition, FTN has assisted numerous solid waste clients with economic evaluation of potential and existing solid waste facilities.
The FTN Solid Waste team has a long track record of success helping clients with the wide variety of permits that are needed for construction and operation of a solid waste facility for industries and public entities.
Hydrogeological Investigations
Our engineers and geologists study the subsurface hydrologic and geologic conditions in a landfill location to determine the type and thickness of geologic materials, the occurrence of groundwater, and how it flows. In addition, FTN has installed groundwater monitoring systems for industrial and municipal solid waste disposal facilities in a wide variety of geologic conditions.
Our engineers develop designs for solid waste management facilities that meet state and federal regulations and protect the environment, while meeting the expectations and budgets of our clients.
Construction Quality Assurance
Our experienced field technicians monitor construction projects to ensure that all components of planning and design are followed.
Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting
FTN’s staff of geologists, engineers, and sampling technicians provide groundwater monitoring services, laboratory QA/QC, statistical analysis, and preparation of summary reports for a wide variety of solid waste facilities.
Explosive Gas Monitoring and Reporting
FTN has experienced technicians and equipment to provide explosive gas monitoring and reporting services for municipal solid waste disposal facilities.
NSPS Compliance
FTN provides consulting services related to New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) regulations for municipal solid waste. This includes permitting, development of surface monitoring plans, conducting surface monitoring, and providing operation and maintenance services for landfill gas collection and control systems.
Stormwater Consulting and Permitting
Our engineers have extensive stormwater consulting and permitting experience for solid waste management facilities, including SWPPPs, NPDES permits, and design of stormwater management systems.
Alternative Liner and Cover Demonstrations
FTN engineers have successfully permitted alternative liner and cover systems for a variety of solid waste disposal facilities using soil and synthetic materials.