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Water and Wastewater

Both large and small industries and municipalities have for decades depended on the expertise of FTN to provide wastewater design and permitting assistance. We have a broad interdisciplinary professional staff which offers unique problem-solving capabilities. Our firm has experienced professional engineers who provide a variety of design and construction-related services. FTN can evaluate different treatment and non-treatment alternatives to efficiently meet regulatory discharge limits. We also have the capability and expertise to perform a wide spectrum of planning and feasibility studies.


Feasibility Studies
We utilize feasibility studies to determine the most appropriate water treatment design.
Distribution System Modeling/Design/Optimization
FTN models the system to determine the most efficient method to provide water for municipal or industrial purposes.
Source Identification/Yield/Demand Analysis
Our firm analyzes the aquifer and surface water resources to determine the most reliable and cost-efficient alternative for a water supply.
Treatability Studies and Analysis
We do pilot scale studies to evaluate treatability, which helps the client select the most cost-efficient solution.
Operations & Management
Our firm has the capability and experience to operate and manage wastewater systems.
Pollution Minimization/Reduction
Pollution (waste) minimization consists of reducing the amount of water used. By minimizing water use, a facility can reduce the cost of purchasing water and the total cost of wastewater disposal.
A Toxicity Reduction Evaluation is performed by FTN to identify and reduce or eliminate toxicity in a discharge. A Toxicity Identification Evaluation is a site-specific study to isolate, identify, and confirm the kinds of toxicity in the effluent.
Design Services
FTN’s engineers have the experience and expertise to design a wastewater facility that effectively meets the needs of the client while complying with state and federal regulations.
Constructed Wetlands
FTN has designed several constructed wetland wastewater treatment systems. They utilize wetland plants and flooded or saturated soil.
Stormwater Management and Flood Control
Our company’s stormwater management projects reduce or eliminate the negative impacts of runoff.
Sludge Handling Analysis and Management
Sludge may be used for many different purposes, such as energy generation, landscaping or fertilization of agricultural land. It must first be analyzed to determine if it can be used safely and efficiently.
Construction Observation/Contract Administration
FTN’s services for construction observation and contract administration help ensure that the project design is implemented as planned and services and costs stay in line with the budget.