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What We Do

Engineering and Environmental Consulting

FTN Associates, Ltd. is an engineering, water resources, and environmental consulting firm that provides specialty services to private and governmental clients in Arkansas and throughout the nation. Our clients benefit from FTN’s broad range of experience that offers unique problem-solving capabilities. Clients receive efficient, cost effective, professional services through our decades of experience with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. We provide clients practical solutions at minimum cost.

FTN has a team of more than 50 professionals, including engineers, hydrologists, scientists, biologists, geologists, regulatory specialists, and other experts efficiently solving the water resources, engineering, and environmental challenges and compliance needs of our clients.

Our firm is employee owned, and its headquarters is in Little Rock, with branch offices in Fayetteville, AR, Baton Rouge, LA, and Chesterfield, MO. We have been serving the needs of our clients since 1981.

Committed to Efficiency,
Quality & Innovation

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Featured Projects

  • Stormwater Plan and Drainage Improvements Design

    Russellville, AR., experienced increasing amounts of flooding due to development within the drainage basin and an aging and deteriorating drainage system. The City’s 15 square mile drainage system has 28 sub basins, 106 bridges, culverts, or pipeline crossings, and 29 tributary streams. FTN developed a master stormwater plan, a draft stormwater drainage ordinance, and a… Read more »

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  • TMDL and NPDES Support for a Municipality

    The City of Sheridan, Arkansas, asked FTN to develop a dissolved oxygen (DO) total maximum daily load (TMDL) to quantify the impact of the City’s intermittent discharge of treated wastewater in the receiving stream. FTN analyzed historical water quality data and showed that most DO violations were not occurring during the same months that the… Read more »

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  • Landfill Cell Design and CQA

    Mississippi County, Arkansas, owns and operates a 30-acre municipal solid waste disposal facility. FTN was contracted to design and perform construction quality assurance (CQA) services for the development of a new 4-acre disposal area. The design included the following: A composite bottom liner system of two feet of compacted clay, a 60-mil HDPE geomembrane liner,… Read more »

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