Stormwater Plan and Drainage Improvements Design

Russellville, AR., experienced increasing amounts of flooding due to development within the drainage basin and an aging and deteriorating drainage system. The City’s 15 square mile drainage system has 28 sub basins, 106 bridges, culverts, or pipeline crossings, and 29 tributary streams. FTN developed a master stormwater plan, a draft stormwater drainage ordinance, and a design manual for the City.

FTN’s services included:

  • Developing and implementing a public participation program to help identify flood-prone areas;
  • Preparing an inventory of all hydraulic structures crossing the streams (bridges, culverts, and pipelines);
  • Developing a hydraulic structures database complete with panoramic photos;
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of existing and proposed improved conditions for multiple frequency;
  • Developing a list of feasible flood reduction measures;
  • Modeling flood reduction measures, including channel improvements, detention basins, and bridge/culvert replacements;
  • Developing a stormwater drainage ordinance, including design guidance;
  • Estimating costs for recommended improvements and prioritizing improvements;
  • Mapping inundated areas for existing and proposed improvement conditions.