Closure Construction of Cells at Utility Plant Landfill

An 850-megawatt coal-fired power plant generates coal ash as a by-product of the power generation process. The ash is either sold offsite or placed in the facility’s landfill.

FTN provided design and Construction Quality Assurance services for the installation of the final cover system for two waste cells. The design phase of the project included preparation of the construction plans and specifications, preparation of bidding documents, and assisting the utility with bidding of the project and selection of a qualified contractor.

The construction phase of the project included monitoring and documenting the preparation of the top waste layer, installation of the compacted clay cap layer, installation of the topsoil layer, and installation of stormwater control facilities. FTN also collected and reviewed the analysis of the soil components of the cover system for conformance with the project specifications, tested and reviewed the results of the installed compacted clay cap layer, and surveyed the completed surfaces of the cover system.

After the cover system was completed, FTN prepared a report of the field and laboratory activities and submitted it to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality documenting that the construction was performed in accordance with the project specifications and the facility permit.