The Johnsons Celebrate 38 years at FTN

As FTN celebrates its 40th year in business, husband and wife Marc Johnson, PE, CFM, and Linda Johnson, PE, CFM, are celebrating their 38th year with the firm. Marc began in March of 1983, and Linda started working here four months later. They are both vice presidents of FTN; co-lead our water resources group; mentor younger staff; provide historical perspective; serve as project managers, and are principals in the firm.

Some may wonder how a couple can be successful professionally and in marriage and parenting while navigating the inherent conflicts one would think exist in this situation.

“We have worked together since our high school freshman year when we started dating, and we attended the same college at the same time and had identical majors, so it comes naturally for us to work together at the office,” Linda explained. “The hardest part is leaving our work responsibilities at the office so that we don’t bring home the professional challenges that we deal with every day.” 

“Linda and I are a great team,” Marc said. “I’m an extrovert who sees the big picture in projects at work and at home, and Linda is an introvert who thrives in the details. Our different personality types also help us work more effectively with the large variety of clients we serve and the diverse group of employees in FTN’s Water Resources Group.”

Marc and Linda graduated high school the same year, both attended the University of Illinois, and each earned a BS in Civil Engineering in 1979. They married in 1979, and daughter Erin was born in 1990, and son Chris came along in 1993.

From a professional standpoint, there have been many advancements the past 38 years that have changed the way they meet the needs of FTN’s clients. Linda and Marc agreed that the most important change has been increased computing power. This has allowed water resources professionals to model much more complex situations without having to make simplifying and limiting assumptions. Another important change has been the increased number of women going into engineering.

The Johnsons were the first two employees that the founders of FTN hired. They have seen FTN grow in the types of engineering and environmental consulting services it provides, and the company now has 80 employees. Marc and Linda have been instrumental in the company’s success.

Happy 38th Work Anniversary!