Sediment and Erosion Control

FTN has provided engineering design and construction observation services for several midstream companies in Arkansas on more than 150 miles of pipeline rights-of-way for the design of erosion and sediment control measures. The work included the development of a Best Management Manual and included determining the appropriate control measures on a site-by-site basis. Our firm’s onsite staff inspected and evaluated the installation and effectiveness of these measures.

These construction observation services were conducted in a wide variety of terrain – from rugged and steep mountains to river bottoms and wetlands. FTN’s field technicians were onsite full-time during the construction of many of these projects.

The following work was performed:

  • Stream channel restoration.
  • Stabilization of steep right-of-way slopes with erosion control blankets.
  • Installation of erosion control measures including, but not limited to: silt fences; wattles; riprap; rock check dams; water bars; diversion berms; seeding; and mulching.