Comprehensive Site Assessment

As the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality’s on-call consultant for site assessments and remedial design/actions, FTN completed a Comprehensive Site Assessment at a site in Conway, AR, which had been used as a scrap metal yard, to evaluate risks and long-term issues associated with redevelopment and reuse of the site.

  • The assessment included identifying site-specific environmental characteristics and sampling environmental media and analysis for the presence of volatile organic compounds, PCBs, petroleum products, and metals.
  • Site data was used to determine the nature and extent of soil and water contamination at the site.
  • A refined grid was used for sampling soil for PCB analysis in order to estimate costs of cleanup to meet TSCA requirements.
  • FTN partnered with the Center for Toxicology and Health to complete a human health risk assessment and identify unacceptable risks to human health and the environment.
  • Recommendations to mitigate site-related risks included: implementing interim measures to improve drainage; measures to prevent contaminated sediment from washing off-site; remediation of PCP-impacted soil; preparation of a property development plan; and implementation of a deed restriction to prevent future use of site groundwater.