Restoration and Streambank Stabilization

Approximately 700 ft. of Pleasant Ridge Road on the east edge of Rogers, AR., was experiencing failure or was at immediate risk of failure. The primary contributing factors were the rapid incision and bank erosion of a stream channel adjacent to the road.


FTN provided the following services for the restoration of the streambank:

  • Use of HEC-HMS to develop stream hydrographs and HEC-RAS to model hydraulic stream parameters in both super and subcritical flow regimes to develop solution to stream incision/erosion issues;
  • Providing additional channel capacity for larger, less frequent flood events to help reduce likelihood of road flooding in overbanks while reducing overall computed proposed channel velocities for the range of discharges;
  • Final design, incorporating the very steep east bank slope to accommodate guardrail and steep angle/drop between top of road and channel, consisting of geosynthetic drainage layer and cement-stabilized limestone screenings behind a stone gabion basket wall;
  • Limited stream impacts to meet USACE Stream Restoration criteria, implemented applicable USFWS Karst Best Management Practices around springhead, and complied with ADEQ construction stormwater permit;
  • Meeting time constraints for repairs to minimize closure of one lane;

Designing and constructing project for roadway stability, public safety and aesthetics.