Water Issues in Arkansas – an Unfinished Story

Spring River falls

FTN conducted a comprehensive review and evaluation of water issues in Arkansas for the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation. This study included a review of scientific, popular, and gray literature since 1980, assessed changes in census statistics related to water (e.g., households without plumbing), conducted over 75 personal interviews with representatives from federal, state, and local agencies, industry, utilities, agriculture, academia, watershed associations, and other civil society institutions. We worked with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Institute for Economic Advancement, and designed a public survey questionnaire and conducted a random telephone survey of over 400 Arkansans to identify water resources issues throughout the state.

This information was used to develop a set of policy and management options to address these issues. Our firm prepared a summary report for the public that tells the story of water issues in Arkansas, reminding Arkansans this is an unfinished story – they will ultimately write the ending.

The report was distributed widely throughout the state, with an initial meeting of 15 to 20 high profile public figures (Governor, CEO Entergy Corporation, President, Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, etc.), follow-up public meetings in four regions of the state, a public television documentary with call-in questions for panel discussion, and selected meetings with special interest groups.