Stormwater GIS Database Work Plan

The Pulaski (AR.) Area GIS (PAgis) selected FTN to develop a formalized work plan document to address the processes and procedures, standards, estimated costs, roles and responsibilities, and other items necessary for completing and maintaining the Stormwater Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database.


The initial steps in developing the plan for the completion of the Stormwater GIS (SWGIS) database were to review the existing database structure and the available data. During this process, FTN also reviewed other stormwater databases and compiled an updated list of features that may be included in the SWGIS database (based on what is currently being collected). A list of possible uses of the SWGIS was also documented. A modified Data Model was developed to reflect the types of data being collected by the PAgis Partners that included a photo dictionary of the different features that may be collected.


A methodology for establishing “connectivity” for the existing data was designed within GIS. A connected SWGIS allows for flowpath tracing both upstream and downstream of locations enabling tracking of illicit discharge locations and/or potential flowpaths for spilled contaminants.


The final report helped PAgis examine the costs, procedures, and uses for completing their SWGIS.